15 Statistics Based On Everyday Activities That You’ll Find Fascinating

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These statistics will definitely surprise you. Just when you thought you had a good idea about things, you see this!

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15. Nose-Pickers


One study states that only 9 percent of people claim to never pick their noses!

14. 38 Hours In Traffic


On average, we'll each spend around 38 hours of our lives sitting in traffic. Those who live in metropolitan areas likely experience far more than others.

13. Ocean Swimming


More people are actually killed by vending machines each year than shark attacks.

12. Owning Pets


62 percent of American households have at least one pet, with more than 83 million dogs and more than 95 million cats.

11. More Smartphones Than Toothbrushes

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There are about 4 billion mobile phone owners but only 3.5 billion toothbrush owners, which means about half a billion phones are probably not ones you want to borrow.

10. 10 Years Spent Working


Factoring in 40 hours per week for most of an adult life, approximately 10 years of your life will be spent working.

9. Mostly Inside


Only about 7 percent of our time will be spent outdoors, meaning the vast majority of our time is spent within buildings.

8. Homeownership

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In America, the banks now own a greater net worth of residential housing than the citizens.

7. Overworked


More than two-thirds of workers report feeling overwhelmed by their workload.

6. No Bank Account


Most people would think that nearly all adults have a bank account, but in the U.S. alone there are up to 60 million people without one.

5. Multiple E-Mails


17 percent of Americans create a new email address for themselves every six months.

4. Walking For Fun


Three-fifths of people say that they go for walks just because it is fun for them.

3. Sleepyheads


Two-fifths of Americans get less than seven hours of sleep per night which means at least 40 percent of us are getting less than the recommended amount of sleep.

2. Coffee Addicts


Coffee drinkers in the U.S. are averaging a little over three cups per day. Well, we do work pretty hard, so I guess we need it.

1. Smiles

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Your smile is so important that it is statistically the first thing people will notice about you. Also, a good smile is the most sought-after physical attribute we look for in a partner.