German Scientists Say Marijuana Helps ADHD Patients -- You Don't Say, Dr. Obvious

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In what could be the most obvious conclusion drawn from a scientific study in the history of scientific studies, researchers in Germany state marijuana may be effective in treating the symptoms of ADHD. So a drug that causes people to relax, get the munchies and fall asleep is effective in treating a hyperactivity disorder — well you don’t say, Dr. Obvious.

The study done at the Institute of Legal and Traffic Medicine at Heidelberg University tested the effects of cannabis on 30 patients with ADHD who had limited success with other forms of treatment for the disorder, such as Ritalin and Adderall. Researchers found all 30 patients reported “reduced impulsivity” and “improved concentration and sleep” after using medical marijuana. Even after the study was concluded, researchers reported 22 patients out of 30 decided to forgo their prescribed medication for ADHD and opted to continue using cannabis instead.

Cannabis expert Dr. David Bearman studied the clinical results of the research and attributed marijuana’s effectiveness in treating ADHD to it “increasing the availability of dopamine.” Basically, the cannabinoids in marijuana fix the shortage of dopamine in people who suffer from ADHD, which in turn improves concentration and reduces hyperactivity.

Here’s just one more reason why the prohibition against marijuana needs to be lifted. Cannabis in all likelihood could be used to treat a myriad of disorders and diseases if the government (and pharmaceutical companies) would allow more research on the plant. Hopefully, as marijuana becomes legal in more states and accepted by the general public, more research will be done to reveal all the positive and negative effects of cannabis.

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