Time To Get Epic, Sexy and Queue Up Some Kenny G Because It’s National Saxophone Day


Today is National Saxophone Day! The inventor of the instrument, Adophe Sax, was born this day in 1814. Although he would create many instruments, the saxophone is what he is most famous for. He also helped with the creation of the wide range of saxophones from soprano to bass. Believe it or not, there is an even bigger saxophone than the bass called the contra-bass. To say that thing is huge is underselling it.

The impact and influence of the saxophone cannot be denied. Although it didn’t always have a reputation for being played by the most reputable people, there’s a reason why older movies look down on saxophone players. It is a staple in several music genres. It brings a flair (woo!) to any song and suddenly becomes a lot better. Think about it the next time you are listening to a pop song or a romantic song where a saxophone solo comes out of nowhere. Doesn’t it make the song that much better, or perhaps redeems it if it wasn’t very good?

Besides, if not for the saxophone, the world would have never had the joy of Sexy Sax Man or Epic Sax Man, and that is a world I do not want to live in. So thank you Adophe Sax for giving the world this instrument. The internet, and many marching band kids, thank you.

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