Dying Chinese Man Gets Weird And Marries Sex Doll


A terminally ill man in China was intent on getting married before his time ran out, but was conflicted as to how to achieve this without leaving behind a grieving widow. The 28-year-old man from Beijing figured the best way to solve this problem was to bring in an artificial counterpart, aka a sex doll, to marry instead of a flesh and blood woman. He did just that in one of the weirdest and saddest marriage ceremonies you’ll ever see.

The unnamed man from Beijing has terminal cancer and told reporters he wanted to experience a wedding before dying. The 28-year-old wanted wedding pictures taken to remember his special moment with his sexy artificial bride-to-be and brought in a professional photographer and make-up artist to record his descent into lunacy.

After looking at the pictures below, I must admit the 28-year-old man’s taste in sex dolls and wedding attire is impeccable.




The photographer who took the photos told Chinese media she didn’t think there was anything wrong with the man marrying a sex doll, but admitted the wedding shoot was odd. Considering how expensive those wedding photographers are, I hope this man got a discount since his bride was made of silicone — and well, since he’s dying and all.

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