Elderly Couple Adorably Teach A Kid How To Tie His Tie On The Subway

Facebook / Redd Desmond Thomas

Facebook / Redd Desmond Thomas

As the world is going crazy over terrorist attacks, bombings and people dying everywhere, this wonderful photo emerges and it gives everyone at least a little bit of hope. Hope that the world is not as bad as you’re thinking right now, hope that there are decent people out there willing to make an effort to teach future generations that not everything’s lost.

In this seemingly random photo, an elderly couple is seen doing something that looks so simple, yet feels like so much. They’re teaching a younger man how to tie his tie. The image is absolutely adorable and will definitely make your small heart grow a couple of sizes.

Facebook / Redd Desmond Thomas

The woman in the red coat was the one that first spotted the young man having trouble with his tie, once she realized what was going on, she encouraged his husband to help the kid.

Before you ask, no, I’m not crying, I just got something in my eye that may or may not be a tear – it is a tear but nobody has to know that.

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