Guy Asks Hot College Chicks If Size Matters -- Apparently, It's All That Matters

First off: NSFW. Don’t watch this with the wife, kids, or at freakin’ work. The host here hit Lake Havasu — one of the premier spring break destinations for college kids to booze three times per day for a week straight — for spring break (just a few weeks ago), and asked drunk college girls an age-old question: Does size matter? Some of ‘em clearly have some experience (what a surprise), and seem to know what they’re talking about — and what they want. I’m pretty sure others, however, are still virgins. Like 100%, no clue what they’re talking about. Oh, there’s also one who wants “five-feet”; not sure which category she falls under. So, enjoy some hot chicks slurring words and talking everyone’s favorite pastime: sex.

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