What 'Master Chef: Juniors' Would Be Like If It Was Uncensored

Cooking is often seen as therapeutic and soothing. It’s peaceful alone time where a chef becomes the artist and the dishes become the art. Some even consider it a passion that is a very personal and emotional thing, but sometimes thing can get a little too personal.

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay is no stranger to speaking his mind. He’ll yell, he’ll swear and claw you till you lose all the confidence in your self. In shows like ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ and ‘Master Chef’, Ramsay tears people a new one the minute they slip up. That being said, someone was creative enough to edit those same scenes into Gordon’s new show, ‘Master Chef: Juniors’ where chefs as young as 10 years old compete for a grand prize. Simply enough, things get very inappropriate very quickly.

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