Watch Insane Encounter As Massive Killer Whales Ambush 1,000 Dolphins

If there was one scene to describe natural predation it would be this. There were about 1,000 dolphins swimming and simply minding their own business. To be honest, I couldn’t even see the dolphins for the first few seconds of the video. I almost clicked the “x” button because I thought I got trolled. All of a sudden a big a** killer whale popped out of nowhere from the water and bam — s**t got crazy. I am not even exaggerating about this. Hundreds and hundreds of dolphins started swimming for their lives. I guarantee you these dolphins did not care about anything but escaping at that point. At 30 feet in the air, some of the dolphins must have been trying to get on the boat (just kidding).If this doesn’t amaze you, then I don’t know what will.


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