Dads Give Life Advice While Taking Dabs -- 420 Marijuana Edition

So what’s a dab? Here’s a quick run-through of what it is. A dab is butane hash oil which is medicinal marijuana extracted to the point where it is smoke-able. It is much more concentrated and potent than normal marijuana so the dosage is significantly different. It is often smoked through a piece unlike marijuana where you have the option to smoke it out of paper.

Anyways, a group of dads were given the task of giving life advice while taking a dab. This is absolutely hilarious. It was inspired by the grandma’s smoking weed video. Which if you did not see already, you must. Some of the advice given was, “never make eye contact when eating a banana” and my favorite, “don’t cry over spilled milk, unless you can cry spilled milk, then you cry enough to replace the milk you spilled”. Clearly these dads are higher than a kite and it’s legendary.

In honor of Dabs with Dads, here are some celebs that love 4/20.

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