Motorcyclist Pummels Thieves Who Stole Purse, And Recorded All Of It

What’s more satisfying than catching bad guys? When you help someone out, not only do you make their day but yours just gets a little better. This specific situation was all caught on camera when a man was riding his motorcycle during a scene of a crime. It starts out normal as usual driving through beautiful Europe when all of a sudden the man turns a corner to see a distressed lady. For a quick second I thought he was the bad guy but he immediately drove past the lady onto traffic. This is where the bad**s part happens.

I was assuming he would just calmly tell the thieves to stop, but I was wrong. The cyclist straight pummeled the two girls like it was his own belongings they stole. You just have to get a glimpse of this yourself. It just feels so good knowing there are people like this man. We need more people willing to help, and to those even considering stealing — please don’t. It just isn’t worth it.

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