That One Time Prince Kicked Kim Kardashian Off The Stage

There’s not much that needs to be said of how legendary and forward-thinking Prince was. He was a man who blazed a trail filled with energy and vibrance. His creativity and musical skills were second to none. The way he delivered himself and the way people saw him were nothing but the best. Prince was always a man who made sure people knew he was in the house.If all eyes weren’t on him then he made sure that changed.

Back in 2011, Prince had a show where a particular celebrity was in attendance. Everyone’s favorite (or not so favorite) Kim Kardashian was there. What happened next was hilarious and we were lucky enough to get video footage of it all. Prince, being the prince that he is straight kicked off Kim Kardashian off the stage. He didn’t even bat an eye. Oh man, we’re really going to miss him.

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