Japanese Hospital Conducts Insane Examinations For Hopeful Surgeons

Japan is an interesting country to say the least. They are well known around the world for their forward-thinking, over-the-top culture. Their tech world is ahead of everyone else in the game, undisputed. Every year we can expect Japan to do some crazy sh*t. It’s like they are programmed to outdo everyone. Anyways, we have a feeling this might add some more fuel to that fire.

As anyone may guess, being a surgeon requires extreme precision. They have the responsibility of saving someone’s life so total focus is the only option. One wrong move and that’s it, say goodbye to your career (sort of). This hospital in Japan may give the wackiest and most intense examinations ever witnessed. They focus on folding origami, reconstructing miniature sushi and that’s not all. I would crack under pressure faster than a bear in a field of honey. You have to see this to believe it.

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