Video Of A Giant Jawbreaker Melting Is Oddly Satisfying

Did you ever eat those giant jawbreaker candies as a kid? Yeah, the ones that you can’t even fit into your mouth because they are so obnoxiously big. The ones that can break your teeth if you bite into it. How could anyone forget them? It’s like the manufacturers were set on making the most heavy duty weapon/candy they could make. I swear, if you threw that at someone they would die.

The video here is on a YouTube channel known as LET’S MELT THIS, and it features the melting of a giant jawbreaker in time-lapse. Strangely enough, I couldn’t stop watching. I felt like with the right song I could fall into a trance. The way the colors melt off with a new color surfacing. Everything seemed so spiritual. Haha, am I getting a little too deep now? I think so. Feast your eyes on the jawbreaker!

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