This 'Thank You, Mom' Ad Will Have You In Tears

I think I just saw one of the best ads to have graced the internet in recent times. It really struck an emotional nerve in my body that I totally needed. To be able to have me thinking with a short two-minute video is quite commendable. Mother’s day is right around the corner, and P&G wanted to give you a little nudge.

Mothers, can we ever truly thank them enough? The amount of sacrifice they have given us. The countless hours of waking up early before you to make sure you go to school, have food to eat, and have clothes to wear. It’s something we experience almost every day as a child but take for granted. Watching this Rio Games ad focused on mothers really hit me hard. I love my mom so much and I can totally relate to this ad. Let this be a reminder to everyone to tell their moms how much you love them.

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