Dad Brutally Boxes His 17-Year-Old Son On Facebook Live

Disciplining your child is something of a controversy in today’s society. Whether you do it or not, that’s your business. I am a firm believer that disciplining your kids should be done to an extent. The minute you record the act of doing it and show everyone on the internet is when I say no. That’s a problem in itself. What is your true intention? To get internet famous?

A boy allegedly skipped class and then proceeded to go about his day without telling his father. The father then decided that forcing a boxing match against his son was a good idea. I mean, what are you thinking? Spanking or grounding your kid makes sense, but punching him in the face? Keep in mind his face was bruised up and nose bashed open. As a result, the kid ended up bleeding. At the end of the day I understand his father’s intentions are good, but I honestly don’t believe beating him up and then proceeding to put it on Facebook Live is the best decision.

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