Footage Of Florida Cop Repeatedly Throwing Haymakers At Handcuffed Woman Will Have You In Flames

The footage you are about to see will make your blood boil. I literally can’t even speak right now because of how angry I am. Police brutality is a very difficult topic. I for one, do not judge a whole group because of the actions of one. However, this doesn’t mean I do not get upset when authorities take advantage of their power.

In this surveillance footage we see a young woman who seems to be handcuffed. She is seen kicking a probationary officer several times. The right thing to do is to stabilize the situation by force, within reason. This does not mean grab the defenseless suspect and start drilling blows into her stomach. Keep in mind that this suspect is a lady. You never hit a woman like that or at all (unless you’re defending yourself). The officer was later terminated for his malpractice. I’m sure this dude will remember the mistakes he has made for the rest of his life.

What a coward!

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