Sexy YouTuber Syd Wilder Shows Off Her Insane Body In Only Lingerie

Syd Wilder began acting at the age of 12 and also pursued modeling, singing and competitive cheerleading. She was offered a record deal at 14 years old, but ended up declining the offer through her mother’s advice. Wilder ended up attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Hollywood, CA.

Nowadays, Wilder owns her own production company called Beyond My Wildest Dreams Productions, LLC and it specializes in YouTube videos. Wilder also has her own YouTube channel that’s self-titled and it features her comedic sketches and vlogs. She was selected to Playboy‘s Top 10 Hottest YouTubers list in 2015.

After scrolling through Wilder’s Instagram, it’s easy to see how she made Playboy’s list.


A photo posted by Syd Wilder (@sydwilder) on


A photo posted by Syd Wilder (@sydwilder) on


A photo posted by Syd Wilder (@sydwilder) on

Wow, what a total smokeshow.

Here’s another sexy model:

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