Watch World's Best Car Cleaner In Action

Car fanatics, where ya’ll at? To some people, their car is everything to them. It’s like the first baby you have before the actual baby. Makes sense though. You have to constantly check for problems, have to fuel it up with oil, gas and last but not least, wash them. To many, car washes are around 10 to 50 bucks, at most. But to the elites it goes as high as $7,300.

The car wash in Great Britain comes with everything you can imagine. Hand-washed and done with precision. The waxing is done by hand as well with layers of product that I don’t even know how to pronounce. It looks absolutely amazing. Would I personally ever pay even close to that much? No, but I get it. It’s a luxury service and really fun to watch.

Would you be down?

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