Going On Duty With South Korea's Suicide Rescue Team

South Korea is commonly known for their forward thinking high-tech culture. With loud colors and vibrant personalities, it’s truly a place of its own. Behind the joyful pop culture that we are too often presented with, lies the burden of a population that struggles to find value in their own lives. Believe it or not, South Korea has the highest rate of suicide in a developed country. This short documentary by Vice takes you on a ride behind the men responsible for rescuing and saving these victims.

The documentary follows Hyung-Geun Suh who is captain of the Yeouido Water Rescue Unit. He discusses how the pressure of Korean society to succeed takes a strong negative toll on young people. The short contains eye-opening statistics and hard to watch footage of victims leaping to their end. If there’s one thing to take away from this is that someone is always there for you. Even if you feel like you are all alone… you’re not.

Never give up.

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