Lady Goes Ballistic Over Young Man Using Food Stamps To Feed His Family

Some people are forced to rely on food stamps. It helps them obtain the food they need for survival and the products they need to stay healthy. Often, it’s not just for one person, but rather for the whole family. However, to others food stamps are just another excuse to not work, to not get off their butts and make something of themselves. The topic has been controversial for such a long time because of the lack of control the government has to ensure that the money is going to the right place.

In this video an older lady seems to be telling off a young man for using his food stamps. She goes on to say how she’s helping fund him. Honestly, it’s true, she is helping fund his food stamps. However, it’s a little more complex than that. Another thing to note is that the man is young. So this brings up the question, shouldn’t he be actively looking for a job? Again, this is a complex issue. What I can say is she could have done this at a different time. I don’t think debating and arguing in front of children is ever the answer. You can decide for yourself.

Everyone deserves help when they need it.

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