If There's One Prank You Watch Today It's Gotta Be This One

By Joseph Chung

There are so many things wrong in today’s world. At the same time, there are great things happening too. People are getting second chances, being taken care of and giving back to those in need. That’s just how the world works. The best thing we as a society can do is elevate the positivity and suppress the negativity. This is one of those pranks that you just can’t help but smile about.

A man going by the name of MediocreFilms pulls one of the greatest pranks ever. Instead of annoying his “victims” he decides to #PrankItForward and give to them. The only catch is he doesn’t tell them he’s giving them money. If the people show kindness or even just a smile you win money. I can’t put a finger on a prank idea as good as this. It beats those lame pranks where people are impacted negatively.