Guy Skins Watermelon For Party And You Will Not Believe End Result

By Joseph Chung

This is something that might be worth your attention. Summer’s right around the corner and that means one thing — BBQ. It’s the best time of year because we can go out and enjoy the sun while eating bomb a** food. What more can we ask for? A guy going by the name Mark Rober explains an awesome trick that consists of a watermelon that’ll definitely wow all the partygoers.

I won’t fully explain how he does it but it’s quite clever. At first I was a bit skeptical but his explanation debunked any worries that I had. What’s cool is that this shaving “technique” can work with all kinds of shapes and sizes. It’s all about how creative you want to be. The prep time is about 10 minutes so don’t worry about spending too much time on it. Alright guys, without further ado, here’s how to bring a full shaved watermelon.

Jokes on you!

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