Powdered Alcohol Exists, But Should You Be Worried?

Alcohol is consumed every second around the world. It’s the go-to when it comes to partying and enjoying a night out. Some people drink alcohol just to drink it … it’s everywhere. There’s been plenty of talk recently because of the introduction of powdered alcohol. What is powdered alcohol? I guess the easiest way to explain it is to compare it to protein powder, but it’s alcohol (haha). You just get some powder, get some water and then mix it together … voila!

Many people have been skeptical about this powder because of the risks that might come with it. Not because of the consumption of it orally, but injecting it, or even snorting it. In the video, the guys at Wired explain why that’s pretty much impossible. The man in the video consumes about four to five drinks worth and he barely gets a buzz. He then shows the amount you would have to actually snort and it’s literally a mountain of powder. Unless you’re an anteater or a water buffalo, we don’t see this as a realistic form of recreational powder use. That being said, try not to worry about it, my friends. Any smart person would realize that drinking it is — and always will be — the go-to means.

Would you try it?

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