Dolly Castro Looks Incredibly Sexy In Bikinis And Equally Hot In Workout Gear

By Tyrone Biggums

Seeing girls with amazing bodies is nothing new these days, but actually getting a glimpse into how they achieved perfection in human flesh form is another story altogether. For Nicaraguan lingerie and bikini model Dolly Castro, the mystery has been solved with this tantalizing video of her in some skimpy bikinis and skin-tight workout gear going through her routine.

It’s obvious with any model in this incredible of shape that she puts in hours a day to look this good, but Castro has perfectly toed the line between too “in shape” and totally sexy. Those hips are luscious, and this girl clearly has enough on the top shelf to satisfy even the most demanding of boob guys.

So at least appreciate this gorgeous gal’s dedication and work ethic while you drool over her.