Guy Eats 18,000 Calories Worth Of McDonald's Weighing In At 13 Pounds Of Food

By Joseph Chung

Professional eating sounds a lot more pleasurable than it actually is. One might think they would enjoy eating all that food, but something tells me it comes with a price (RIP toilet). We’ve seen our share of insane food eating videos. Mass gainer protein, butt-load of Ramen, giant burritos, huge steaks … and the list goes on! These people eat hundreds and sometimes thousands of calories all in one sitting. We do not advise anyone to do what these folks do. Believe it or not, they have done years and years of training to get to that point.

A guy going by the name of Erik TheElectric attempted to break a world record by eating over 13 pounds of McDonald’s fast food. That’s about 18,000 calories. In comparison, 18,000 calories is about nine days worth of food for a normal guy. What we’re trying to say is, this is absolutely CRAZY. Can he complete it? Let’s find out.

Where does all the food go?!