Russian Family Throws Their Kids Out Fifth Story Window During Fire

By Joseph Chung

We all know how crazy Russia is. Their law is that they have no law. Sometimes I feel like we live in a bubble here in the States, where everything is safe, no one gets hurt and we just live day by day. That being said, I don’t think I have any problems with that. I don’t mind the sense of security therefore I will never move to Russia (problem solved).

One thing that will never change are the constant videos of all these insane scenarios uploaded onto the internet. The premise of this ridiculous situation is a family got trapped in a fire on the fifth floor of their complex. It’s actually quite scary hearing everybody scream. A group of bystanders build a human cushion with their arms yelling at the family to jump. Within seconds, a figure bursts out of the sky and into the arms of the helpers. One by one, another family member is either tossed or jumps. It all happens extremely fast and is definitely suspenseful.