How One Dish Has Kept A Restaurant Open For Over 250 Years

By Joseph Chung

This is a very interesting and well created short going into the life of renowned chef Yamada Kosuke. Chef Kosuke is the owner of a very popular restaurant in Japan called Tamahide. It’s so popular that people will wait for as long as four hours just to get a taste of their dish, Oyako-don. Oyako-don is a popular dish consisting of chicken, rice, scallion and many other ingredients.

In the short, Kosuke talks about the origins of the dish and how it was originally forbidden to cook it. It also goes into the lives of two regular customers who they say found love because of the long four-hour wait. Through their love, the couple and chef have now become life-long friends. More like family, I should say. It’s amazing to see what things like food can do to connect people.